Digital transformation of healthcare powered by AI and Data

EBDVF 2021 health and pharma sector track about digital transformation of healthcare, secondary use of health data, European health dataspace and the role of Gaia-X.



Data-driven innovation has gained momentum in healthcare. We are living in the digital era where AI-based technologies have opened new research opportunities and provided impactful solutions for healthcare professionals. On the other hand, the emergence of big data spaces in this domain has raised several challenges around ownership and usage of personal data. Pharma and healthcare experts, clinicians, scientists, legal counsels, and society in general are involved in striving the digital progress, while facing a bivalent problem: data access and its impact on privacy, security, confidentiality, and intellectual property rights. In most European countries novel AI-applications are transforming the healthcare and pharma sectors, whereas data availability remains a limitation for research and policy making purposes. To facilitate innovation within European data spaces, secondary use of data has a great potential to improve health outcomes while mitigating the issue in sharing data. Thus, a good harmonization among protection of secondary data and facilitation of their reuse for research purposes is needed to leverage and enhance innovation.

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