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  • 04.11.2021 - Flavio Fuart 0 Comments
    Gaia-X Hub Slovenia Yearly Conference 2021

    Friday, November 5th, 2021, 13:00 – 15:00

    Our first Gaia-X Hub Slovenia Yearly Conference is about International cooperation and Slovenian Gaia-X working groups. Representatives of the European Gaia-X ecosystem and representatives of Gaia-X Hub Slovenia will inspire us by sharing their experience with Gaia-X initiatives.

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  • 10.09.2021 - Gaia-X 0 Comments
    EBDVF2021 - Save the Date!

    This year, EBDVF is held live and online. Being an associated Slovenian EU Presidency event, part of EBDVF 2021 is hosted in Ljubljana.

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  • 06.09.2021 - Gaia-X 0 Comments
    Days of eHealth - Data spaces and digital transformation in healthcare

    In the week of Aug 30 – Sept 3, 2021 we have organised a hybrid event “Days of eHealth - Data spaces and digital transformation in healthcare”

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  • 18.06.2021 - Gaia-X 0 Comments
    What is the Data Governance Act EU Proposal?

    From 27-30 June, Slovenia’s longest standing Bled eConference will focus on how digitalisation can help Europe to emerge from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. On 28 June, Flavio Fuart from Gaia-X Hub Slovenia & ICT innovation network will join the discussion about the Data Governance Act and the implications for European Data Spaces.

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  • 15.06.2021 - Gaia-X Hub Slovenia 0 Comments
    Data Spaces are More than Just European Data Spaces

    The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) is on a mission to create the future of the global, digital economy with International Data Spaces (IDS), a secure, sovereign system of data sharing in which all participants can realize the full value of their data.

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  • 08.06.2021 - Gaia-X Hub Slovenia 0 Comments
    Why do we Need a Common European Health Data Space?

    Why is Anže Droljc, a representative of our eHealth Group (ZIT), promoting the implementation of  the Common European Health Data Space at a round table for the second time in the last week?

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